James Bond Drinks Book


When you think of James Bond, what comes to mind? Perhaps his Aston Martin DB5 and breathtaking car chases; witty retorts and a raised eyebrow; or perhaps you think of his signature drink, a vodka martini – shaken, not stirred…

…and when it comes to drinks, the truth is that these days most people associate James Bond simply with vodka martinis and Bollinger.

James Bond Drinks

However, in my book – available exclusively online – you’ll learn that James Bond is much more than vodka martinis and Champagne.

The book examines the world of James Bond from the point of view of his drinks and covers the cocktails, wines and other drinks from Ian Fleming’s novels and the EON film series.

As well as information on drinks appearing in the books and films you’ll also find a complete list of cocktail recipes to allow you to mix the drinks for your friends.

james-bond-drinks-300World Gourmand Awards

The judges of the 2014 World Gourmand Awards announced The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond best in class from among all UK entries in the competition.

The book takes you through the spirits, cocktails, wine and beer drunk by 007 through the books and films and as well as giving examples of when they were consumed by him also provides background information.

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