Premiere of The Man With The Golden Gun [1974]

The Man With The Golden Gun poster

Roger Moore’s second James Bond film was The Man With The Golden Gun, which premiered at London’s Odeon Leicester Square on 19th December 1974. The film went on general release in the UK and USA the same day, although it had opened in Japan five days earlier.

While the film is not highly regarded by many Bond fans, even those who prefer the Roger Moore era, as the first Bond film I ever saw it holds a special place in my heart.

My dad took me to the Odeon in St Albans around August 1975 to see the film in the days prior to seeing 007 on television. While it is perhaps not the best of the series it has a good John Barry score, and Scaramanga, his golden gun and his assistant, Nick Nack, are all memorable – just say nothing about the whistle as the car jumps the bridge!

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