Birthday of Rik Van Nutter from Thunderball [1929]


Rik Van Nutter, who played Felix Leiter in Thunderball, was born on 1st May 1929. He was the third actor to play the role of the CIA agent.

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One Response to “Birthday of Rik Van Nutter from Thunderball [1929]”

  • Pauley

    Rik Van Nutter WAS Felix Leiter.
    Just as Sean Connery WAS James Bond.
    Others merely played the parts, but Sean and Rik WERE who they were.

    As a SAG/AFTRA actor of over 30 years, I would love to play the part of a ‘retired’ Felix, but I would always Tip My Hat to Rik.

    Much Love Rik, May we act together on that great stage in the sky one day.

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