Moonraker: Brands from the novel

Moonraker Cover


In Moonraker Fleming gives more information about James Bond’s 1930 4½-litre supercharged Bentley coupé, “which he kept expertly tuned so that he could do a hundred when he wanted to”. Later in the book though it is destroyed by several tons of newsprint from the back of a lorry.

After beating Drax at Blades, thinks about what he will spend his winnings on. Top of the list is a “Rolls-Bentley Convertible, say £5000” and at the end of the book he orders on trial a 1953 Mark VI with an open touring body. However the car is different to the Bentley drives in later books.


Bond’s Ronson lighter is mentioned once again. Fleming describes it as “black-oxidized”.


The natural partner with his Ronson are Bond’s handmade Morland’s cigarettes, described as a “Macedonian blend”.


Before going to bed Bond removes his Beretta from its shoulder-holster and puts it under his pillow. Fleming describes the gun as having a skeleton grip. After concluding his mission Bond is given a new Beretta by M to replace the lost gun.


Bond drinks half a carafe of white Bordeaux to go with his lunch in the staff canteen.


Prior to dinner M orders a carafe of pre-war Wolfschmidt vodka for them to share.

Dom Perignon

The wine waiter recommends the Dom Perignon ’46 to Bond, into which he drops Benzedrine powder.


After dinner Bond and M partner against Drax and Meyer at Bridge. All four men have coffee and cigars, as well as the club brandy, a Cognac from the Rothschild estates.

Black & White

Sent to investigate the murder of Major Tallon in a pub close to Dover, Bond orders a large whisky and soda made with Black & White

Haig and Haig

Searching Drax’s desk, Bond finds a bottle of Haig and Haig whisky. He three-quarter fills a tooth glass and knocks it back in two gulps.


Although not named in Moonraker, Bond dines at his favourite London restaurant. It’s location clearly identifies it as as Scott’s, which at the time was at 18-20 Coventry Street.

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