Live And Let Die: Characters from the novel


Felix Leiter

Once again CIA agent Felix Leiter is on hand to help Bond out. While in New York he takes Bond out on an unforgettable tour of the jazz clubs of Harlem.


Simone Latrell is better known as Solitaire. Originally from Haiti, Solitaire is not only among “the most beautiful women Bond had ever seen”. She is also  telepathic.


The Secret Service’s most senior agent in the Caribbean lives in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains above Kingston. He assists Bond with equipment and introduces Bond to Quarrel.


A Cayman Islander, Quarrel assists Bond in Jamaica and helps get him back into shape before his ordeal on the Isle of Surprise.


Mr Big

Buonaparte Ignace Gallia is commonly known simply as Mr Big. He is tall with a large, bald head and grey-black skin that is “taut and shining like the face of a week-old corpse in the river”. Head of the Black Widow Voodoo cult, Mr Big is “probably the most powerful negro criminal in the world”. Cult followers believe he is  the zombie of Baron Samedi. If that wasn’t enough he also works for SMERSH.

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