Casino Royale: Characters from the novel


René Mathis

Mathis works for France’s Deuxième Bureau and reappears several times throughout the course of Ian Fleming’s books and continuation novels. In Casino Royale he poses as a radio salesman while assisting 007 and it is Mathis who introduces Vesper Lynd.

Felix Leiter

A blond haired Texan, Felix Leiter is Bond’s CIA contact in Royale. A former marine, Leiter is described as tall and thin and about 35 years old.

Vesper Lynd

Vesper Lynd is assistant to the head of section S and sent to Royale to help Bond in the field. He resents having a woman in the field and initially finds her frosty towards him. But once the mission is over they become lovers.


Le Chiffre

Le Chiffre is something of an unknown. His name means “The Number”. He runs a French trade union while acting as paymaster for the KGB in France. Overweight, he is a heavy smoker and frequently uses a Benzedrine inhaler and described as “A formidable and dangerous agent of the USSR”.

After investing some of the Russian money in a chain of brothels shortly before France banned them he needs to win back a large chunk of change to ensure they don’t send a hit man after him.

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