MI6 Declassified #5 – around the world with 'Quantum of Solace'

April 27th, 2009 by

The latest issue of MI6 Declassified is now available for worldwide delivery and includes various articles, including coverage of Quantum of Solace as it opened around the globe. Premiere Bond – Coverage from Leicester Square in London for the “Quantum of Solace” debut Around The World With 007 – Following the worldwide launch of the […]

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The Final Poker Hand of Casino Royale

April 15th, 2009 by

Math and odds are important parts of Texas Hold’em poker. James Bond knows this (of course). In the final hand of Casino Royale, four players move all-in on the river and Bond scoops the $115 million pot, thanks to smart play. These were the cards on the board: Ah-8s-6s-4s-As And these were the players’ hands: […]

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