Bond 23 – work has hardly started

March 27th, 2009 by

According to an article on MI6 today, work has hardly started on Bond 23. Producer Michael G. Wilson spoke at the Bradford International Film Festival last week, in which he gave a masterclass on the making of the James Bond films. One of the things he discussed was the pace at which the films is made, which has both positive and negative consequences.

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Big screen 007 marks Cubby Broccoli centenary

March 25th, 2009 by

Cubby Broccoli (1909-1996) was the driving force behind bringing James Bond to the big screen. Born into an Italian-American family, Broccoli’s early career in Hollywood started as an assistant director on a Howard Hughes picture, The Outlaw, directed by Howard Hawkes. In 1952 Broccoli started his producing career when he came to England and launched Warwick Films with Irving Allen.

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Persol 2720-S Sunglasses

March 12th, 2009 by

The Persol 2720-S sunglasses worn by Daniel Craig the latter half of Casino Royale are the second of two models supplied to James Bond by the historic Italian eyewear company for the film

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Persol 2244-S Sunglasses

March 10th, 2009 by

007 wears Persol 2244-S Sunglasses when arriving in the Bahamas in Casino Royale

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James Bond Island

March 3rd, 2009 by

The Man With The Golden Gun sees James Bond follow Mary Goodnight to an island in Chinese waters, landing his seaplane and mooring it on the beach. There he is shown a high-tech solar power plant, at the heart of which is the Solex Agitator.

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Quantum of Solace DVD & Blu-Ray

March 2nd, 2009 by

Quantum of Solace DVD and Blu-Ray details, including worldwide release dates and special features.

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